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  4. How do I connect my iPhone to the JBL Speaker?

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Does it have to be powered like the speakers? And what kind of cabling?

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I know squat about this stuff. The sub-woofer just needs to be a 8 inch, maybe I live in a small studio. If you have any suggestions on a sub-woofer also, I would appreciate your recommendations.

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Thank you again for your assistance and time. Any and all positive suggestions are welcome.

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  3. How do I connect my iPhone to the JBL Speaker? - Apple.
  4. And if you have the time, could you tell me how to set this up You would probably need a PCIe sound card to do that, one that has the RCA hookups so you can add a subwoofer, and it has to have a power source to power it since you won't get the power you need from the PC itself or running straight from your wall socket. So, you would need to find a woofer that already has an amp to it, or find a way to hook up an amp to a speaker in an enclosure, then run the amp to the sound card.

    Unfortunately, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it. Sound cards with RCA's are spendy. This one is one of the better ones http: That's about all the suggestions I can offer based on my knowledge of how PC audio works.

    Technical Specification

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    How do I connect my iPhone to the JBL Speaker?

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