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  1. Is Your Girlfriend Crazy? Signs That You Are Dating a Crazy Girl (Part 2)
  3. 10 Signs You’re Dating A ‘Crazy’ Girlfriend
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Do I do this too often? I could very well be a crazy girlfriend. Sometimes, guys purposely ignore phone calls, and maybe all could be settled if they just picked up?

I do agree that too many calls and text messages can signal something, but talk about it with your girl before you label her as crazy. She may be the worst person in the world. I voiced my concerns when it was appropriate to do so, but I was never disrespectful. For every post you make, she leaves five comments. This one is a slippery slope too.

Or also, if when you go out to the local bar, it seems like she has dated half the guys in the room and has a problem with every single one of them? Yeah, dump her as soon as possible.

Is Your Girlfriend Crazy? Signs That You Are Dating a Crazy Girl (Part 2)

I am sure you are starting to see a trend here. It is not just that she does not get along with people, it is that it is always someone else's fault. I mean, she is just so nice all the time right? Why is it that people don't like her? Oh, maybe it is because she is totally crazy, do you think that could be it? Another thing to look out for is a lot of intense but really short friendships. Like her social media is just blowing up with all of these different posts and photos about her and a certain friend doing things all of the time and then all of a sudden that friendship is over.

Here is the thing, if you like her and think she is great but she is telling you that no one else does, who do you think is wrong, you or everybody else?

This is assuming your crazy girlfriend has a job of course. Another big sign of a crazy chick is that she either is not working, or can never hold a job for very long.

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But if she does in fact have a job, then if she truly is a crazy chick she probably tells you constantly about how awful somebody is at work, and how she is so much better at her job then this other person. Just like in every other situation you are probably going to feel badly for her at first and listen to her patiently. Then sooner or later you are going to tire of her constantly telling you about all of the awful things going on at her job, then finally you are going to realize that there actually are no awful things going on, and that she is just totally insane.

Here is something that is good knowledge to have, not just with crazy chicks, but with people in general. Suspicious people usually tend to be suspects. On the same note, crazy chicks that do all sorts of crazy things, and would bang any of your friends in a heartbeat, are often really suspicious that you would do the same thing. They are constantly going through your phone and your email, and are always questioning you about where you have been, what you have been doing, and who you have been doing it with. If you are dating someone who is overly suspicious, she is probably a crazy chick.

We all know this type. Maybe you have gone out once or twice, and maybe the last time you went out you got lucky and spent the night. Then you went back over to her place again the next night, because you had so much fun.

10 Signs You’re Dating A ‘Crazy’ Girlfriend

To you this is just having fun and seeing where things are going to go. To her, you guys are going out and probably going to get married. She starts calling you "baby" and looking deeply into your eyes all the time. She wants to meet your folks and when you sleep over on a workday she starts making you lunch all the time. Now maybe to you this all sounds like fun. If so, it is probably because you have not gone out with a crazy girlfriend. I promise you that if you have you would feel differently.

This is a rule that applies to every single crazy chick since the beginning of time. Now, I am not saying here that a woman that does not have a lot of female friends is a crazy chick. I am saying that a woman that does not have any female friends is a crazy chick. This is a huge warning sign.

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And it does not count if she has no female friends but she hangs out with guys all the time that are "just friends. No matter how you slice it, if you are a woman and you have no female friends, you are a crazy chick. Don't shoot the messenger.

Personally, I like to party. Therefore, I have always attracted two kinds of women. There is the kind that wants to fix me and get me away from the party scene, and then there is the kind that wants to party right along with me. Sadly, I have to admit that no matter how much fun the latter are to hang out with, they are always, and I mean always , totally crazy.

Now I am not talking about a woman that enjoys an occasional gin and tonic or a couple glasses of wine. I am talking about the chick that drinks all night, will try any drug put in front of her, and when she stays over, it always seems like you are missing a little bit of money from your wallet. Chicks that party a lot are awesome Just give her the validation that she needs. Demanding outrageous levels of constant affirmation is needy. But desiring a little bit on a regular basis is perfectly legitimate. Love isn't the like Disney movie stereotype. She may be looking for her perfect Prince Charming but unfortunately she will never find him.

Love is about two flawed imperfect people finding a way to make it work. It's not about moving from person to person in the hope that you will find the perfect match. She might be going a bit crazy because her Disney movie bubble is bursting and reality is hitting her. It is a tragic time when this happens. Girls Chase makes an excellent point on why some women seem crazy.

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  • 10 Signs You’re Dating A ‘Crazy’ Girlfriend.
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The argument is that a stable person has a reasonable plan for the future and can plan for events. When good or bad things happen they aren't that surprised because most things could be reasonably anticipated.

A crazy person has a much more limited view of the future. They are so present focused that everything that happens to them, whether good or bad, is a huge surprise. It's a very childlike state to be in and the level of energy and enthusiasm can be endearing. But it can be very frustrating if you are the more stable one in the relationship. If you are with a woman like this then a relationship is going to increase the potential for surprises. She has to react and engage with the variability that you bring.

This added level of uncertainty in her life can make her crazy. Some girls have a timetable for their love life. They want to be dating someone by a certain time, married by a certain time and have kids by a certain time. On one hand this is fair enough as they have the biological clock ticking that we don't have to worry about to the same degree.

10 Doomed People Who Are Obviously Dating a Crazy Person - CollegeHumor Post

On the other hand this kind of timetabling is over the top, too intense and too much pressure. But if she has decided she wants to take things to the next level with you and she is getting impatient, then she is going to get a bit crazy. If you a dating a crazy girl she may be an overall crazy person who has brought her traits into the relationship. Alternatively she is a perfectly normal girl but her inner crazy has come to the surface because of the relationship. Some crazy traits are serious red flags, others are more forgivable. You have to decide for yourself.

She's Trying Too Hard At first she was probably very aloof. She's Insecure Everyone has insecurities to some degree and we all try to hide them.